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Training classes for the students willing to learn computer basics is available with us. The course details are designed very cautiously infilling all the professional relevance required plus an easy approach is maintained for the students’ ease. This is a mainly practical learning program conducted by professionals. We also provide supportive course materials to the students for their after-class study purpose. Basic concepts of the components, functions and applications are taught in this course aiming at building the computer literacy of more and more people who may benefit from its use. 

Multimedia training programme is comprised of areas like, Google SketchUp, Blender, Pivot, Art weaver, Animation, Presentation Strategies, OpenOffice Draw, OpenOffice Impress, SharePoint Designer, Web Publishing, CamStudio, Jing, Flip Share, Image Management; Presentation Strategies, Sound and Video Production, Audacity, iTunes, FreeNatual Reader, Presentation Strategies, Sound and Video Production etc are some of the sections of this advance Multimedia programme.

Comprehensive Course in Basic Computer has the below mentioned features:   Fundamental like MS Office, Word, PowerPoint Programming languages which include the mother of all languages–C++, Pascal Software – used for designing, graphics, multimedia which include Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Director  Web Programming : HTML 4.0, Java, CGI-Perl Web Designing : Microsoft FrontPage-2000 and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver Web Applications: Windows NT, Developer-2000, Oracle, Linux, SQL Server, E-Commerce: NT Site Server.

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