Graphic Designing

Visual communication is the transmission of information and ideas using symbols and images. If you’ve been thinking about a career in Design Communication, now is the time to get started. Demand for creative experts has risen massively in many country including India and abroad. Good Design Education opens aentrance to amazing global opportunities from a concourse of industries.

We provide a highly curated Design program that is specially prepared considering the industry demands and requirements. Our team of internationally trained staff and benchmarked course content makes the program unique and productive.

Here at Digital Academy, we believe in Design thinking and that’s how each design project is approached. Every student acquires knowledge of effective problem-solving techniques including Mind mapping and Brainstorming.

It’s very important for a designer to be aware of the global design trends and styles to standard the quality of their work effectively. Here you will learn everything you require to use your design elements wisely and assemble it in several styles including Skeuomorphism, Minimalism, Dynamic Designs, Deconstructive Designs, Material Design, Flat, Isometry and more.

A design solution is successful only when its practical, appealing and standardized. At Digital Academy, you will have complete guidance on building your Creative Foundation. You will learn about Design elements, Design styles, Design mood boarding and Visual hierarchy which will accomplish your skill repository for investing into designing user experiences.

Learn everything about typography, colours, shapes and imagery in this elaborate module on graphic design elements. Learn combinations, type pairing principles, colour theory, psychology of design, visual hierarchy and more with case studies from the industry.

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